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A man with a penis(circumcised), first inserts his thang into some chicken(see chicken def 88). Once Chicken has been gotten. Wait a few months and call that chicken up and get that chicken. Since you nutted in that chicken she done got pregnant. Now you slip yo dick into her chicken and continue penetrating until you reach the baby's vagina(if said infant/fetus is a girl) or anus(if prefered and/or male). You just got 2 chickens at the same time bitch. This process is the act of getting that 2for1 deal.
Cory: Hey man remember that fucking bitch i nutted in july?
Brian: Yeah dude that was good chicken eh?
Cory: Word. Thing is, she calls my dick up and i got it again.
Brian: Radical.
Cory: Yeah. She was pregnant. Got that 2 for 1 deal nigg!
Brian: Suprem-o!
Kris: Wahhhh, im a baby!
by Jon Dean December 12, 2007
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