One of the most terrifying things to come to the internet. The act of a man putting 2 needles in his dick.
I cried when I saw 1man2needles.
by Spartan king April 23, 2011
1 man 2 needles

A video continuing from the internet shock sites (such as 1 man 1 jar and 2 girls 1 cup) which involves 1 man sticking 2 needles in his scrotum.

This video is no longer available but if you research 1 man 2 needles you will find a man who has injected silicone into his balls for 6 years and his balls are the size of coconuts.
I have heard about the original 1 man 2 needles video but I can't watch it as it's no longer available.
by Prostate Exam May 28, 2014

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