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from 3133t or elite used by cdccult of the dead cow who created back orifice an aministrator utility for win95, this was shortened to 133t and has spawned a hole language of ununderstandable gibberish used by n00bs to make them self feel better
that is 133t or it is cool, as it were
by wolfmankurd April 11, 2005
A commonly used word to mis-represent "elite."

Frequently used by "script kiddies" to make themselves feel like hackers.

A sure sign of a genuine loser.

Please note that a genuine hacker of any real skill will shun the use of "d00d" speak, or "dud-spek".
"Hey! I just made this l33t util that will hack the password file of WinNT! I am so 133t!"
"That tool has been around for years."
"No it hasn't! I just made it myself!"
"Okay then, what language did you write it in?"
"I wrote it in Windows of course! What else would I use?"
by k7 November 18, 2004
Hax0r term for "elite"
This dude is one 133t Quake 3 fragger.
by Guru Imakuni February 21, 2003
A phrase generaly known to hackers and scammers, meaning "Elite"

Person: i am lyk3 s000 133t at this
Normal person: :|
by Sarah Neave June 04, 2006
A 'word' that script-kiddies use to make them feel skilled.
If they are skilled, they would use their real names, instead of hiding behind alias's and msn screen names.
hAx0rz: meant to say hacker.
c0unT£r$tR1k3: an online game called counterstrike.
n00b: one who doesn't spend days on a game and has some friends.
133t HAX0R!!111ONe: LMAO ROFL PMSL 1 pwNEd j0o n00b, hahaha I rule at hacking!!oneOneo!!111!
sane person: mmkayyyy.
133t HAX0R!!111ONe: hahahaha N0oobz bow down to mE 05!!11!.
sane person: get some skill, friends and a decent pc nobchops.
133t HAX0R!!111ONe but my windows 98 rules 4eva!!.
sane person: get mandrake linux or ubuntu linux you fool.
by bow down to danny b May 19, 2005
Internet speak for "i am gay beat me with a brush"
55461541133t68465 k\z,xk546874464 ow my head

133t writing with numbers gives your cancer
by Fidbag October 08, 2006
An internet language that forms words using numbers and symbols.

Hello = |-| 3 1 1 0
This = + |-| 1 $
Is = 1$
leet = 133+
Quit talking in 133t, dude! I can't read it!
by N8NESS December 14, 2003