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Okay, 1337 is a good subject to talk about. The first thing I would like to clear up is that chatspeak and 1337 are NOT the same thing. Some lazy morons merge 1337 and chatspeak together, soon creating the popular belief that 1337 and chatspeak are the same thing.

Okay, so what /is/ 1337 in the first place? 1337 means Elite. The point of 1337 is to replace all the letters with symbols, and is quite fun to play with. 1337 was first created by some people would wanted to talk in a forum without any outsiders barging in. Some outsiders may have figured out the language and started using it as well. Eventually, 1337 became famous all over the internet. The original use of 1337 is hardly practiced any more, but it survives because many of peope use it for fun.

It takes a long time to translate between regular English and 1337 even if you know all 26 1337 secrets, unless you're very skilled at it.

Here are the 26 1337 secrets.
A = 4
B = |3
C = (
D = |)
E = 3
F = |=
G = 6
H = |-|
I = |
J = 9
K = |<
L = 1
M = |v|
N = |/| (It is backwards because the frontslash under the backspace key is famous for not showing up on many websites.)
O = 0 (zero)
P = |*
Q = 0,
R = |2
S = 5
T = 7
U = |_|
V = |/
W = |/|/
X = >< (Is normal in words like |-|4x0|2)
Y = `/
Z = 2

S0m3 p30ple 4r3 700 l4zy 70 wri73 7hin65 in fu11 1337, r3su17ing in a 53n73nc3 1ik3 7hi5.
If you wrote this sentence in 1337 speak, it would look like this:
||= `/0|_| |/|/|2073 7|5 53|/|73|/|(3 ||/| 1337, |7 |/|/0|_|1|) 100|< 1||<3 7|-||5.
by Courage the cowardly dog April 07, 2006
A form of online slang that substitutes normal lettering for numbers or symbols.
4LL j00 n00b5 b0w t0 my h4x0r 5k11L5
by flushes May 24, 2003
1337 speak is a language that developed over the net (Made popular mostly by Counter-Strike) that's objective is not to replace every letter with a symbol, but to make fun of mispelt words.

Bad: 0/\/\9 1 |_1|<3 |>\/\//\/ _|00
Translation: OMG I Leik Pwn Joo

Good: 0MG I leik pwn j00.
Translation: OMG I Leik Pwn Joo

English: Omg I just owned you.

Common words used in 1337 speak:
Like = leik
Own = pwn
Pwned = pwnt
You = j00
Hacks = Haxz0rz
Lol = lawl
The = T3h
Suck = sux
1337 Speak sounds leik: ZOMG I leik, totally pwnt that newb. j00 r t3h sux.
by Not4U2C January 01, 2006
Doesn't 1337 speak come from Counter-Strike 1.6?
Google 1337 Krew :)
From there we started using nub and n00b, and h4x and the language evolved...
You could often interchange characters for the same meaning:
7h475 6234t / th4t5 6r34t / thats great -- or n!nj4 / |\|1|\|j4 / n1nj4 -- you get it..
1 u53 1337 5p43k 1!k3 7h15 1337 speak
by roboturner November 25, 2015
The unholy, god awful creation of mankind that is spoken exclusively by maga-nerds. 1337 Speak is common in many games, usually pc, where words are written in number (1234567890 etc.) or symbols (!@#$%^&*`~,.<>/;'\-=?:"{}|_+) and is for people who think that they're too good to for letters.
1337 Speak: | |*\/\//\/3|) 900, 900 4|23 73|-| 5|_|><0|25!!!!!

Translation: I pwned joo, joo are teh suxors!!!!!

Get it?

Me neather...
by zobodobokobo September 15, 2009
1337 Speak has its roots much earlier than days of the internet. Telegraph operators used many of the common 1337 words seen today when sending messages in morse code. It made messages much shorter and faster to send via telegrapy. Some common words used by telegraphers that crept into 1337 speak: you: u; are: r; are you: ru; yours: urs; See you again; cuagn; before b4; See you later: cul; good morning: gm; good evening: ge; back to you: btu; weather: wx; old man: om; young lady: yl; wife: xyl; hear: hr; good: gud; pause: bt; from: fm; today: 2day; and: es; Farenheit: f; temperature: temp; degrees: deg
Typical morse code transmission by a ham radio operator using what is now condidered 1337 speak:
hi om bt gud to hr fm u 2day bt wx hr warm es sunny bt temp hr 46 deg f bt so btu john
by Jim Pope January 15, 2007
The menial and unflattering, although sometimes fun, language of numbers and letters that began on internet games and forums, and has now somehow made its way into real life. "1337" is pronounced "leet", short for "elite."
omgomgomg j00 r teh sux0rz! i +0+411y pwnz j00!
by Lady Pain March 04, 2005
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