1337 speak origins from leet which origins from elite. Leet was just short for elite at that time. People consider being "l33t" is an internet way of being "cool". Like the first example below.

The origin of leet speak is as follows:

leet comes from:
Elite » leet » 1337

Words like "plz" come from:
Please » pleas » ples » pls » plz

Well I got to go » Got to go » gotta
go » got 2 go » gtg » g2g

What's up? » Wasup? » Sup?

I'm laughing out loud! » I'm loling! » lol

I'll be right back » I'll b right back » I'll b rite bac » brb

I own you, I win » You are owned. » (Historic typo word) You got pwned » Total pwnage » Pwned.

So on and so forth. Some of these "leet" internet words come from slang talk just like the example "wasup?". Most people also like to change letter around like "newbie » n00b" same with using numbers instead of letters. Which makes l33t. Some of them also come from the pronounciation of words. Like below:

Are » R
You » U
Cause » cuz

And so on. What makes leet speak so unique is how it has evolved over the years and how it is used in games.
"R U l33t enuff?"

Online game example: "Lets c whu cn m@ke teh most complic@ted l33t spek ev@rr!"

Lets see who can make the most complicated leet speak ever!

"ill brb i g2 put da dawg out 4 a min"
I'll be right back. I have to put the dog out for a minute.

"du u kno wen tha sho strts?"
Do you know when the show starts?
by -Maynard- August 07, 2005
talking in a way that places numbers in the place of certian letters
1 = l or i
2 = R
3 = b
4 = A
5 = S
6 = G
7 = T
0 = O
"h0ly sh1t 1 ju5t pwn3d that n00b!"
by sylen.emu June 06, 2003

To put it simply, someone who is the pwn (owns other people) or who thinks they are anyway.
I pWn j00 4ll! ph3aR ME!
by amelia October 11, 2004
the stupidest speak ever invented.....only nerds talk like that.
i am a loser cuz i speak 1337 speak.
standard english version: i am a loser because i talk in the 1337 speak.
by funky boogers June 26, 2006

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