1337 is the language of hackers and newbies across the internet. Also, the words in 1337 are usually short(ie "are" becomes "r") and intentionally spelt wrong(ie "the" becomes "teh", this is most common with e switching places and o's becoming p's)

the mostly complete translation chart(exluding unicode characters, ie ©):
A=4 /-\ @ ^ /\
B=8 ]3 ]8 |3 |8
C=( {
D=) } |) |} |> >
F*=# |=
G=6 9 (_>
H=# |-| (-) )-( }{ {-} /-/ \-\
I=1 !
J**=_| j
K=|< |{
L=1 |_
M=/\/\ |\/|
N=/\/ |\| \
O=0 ()
P=|D |* |>
R=|2 |? |-
T=7 + ']'
U=(_) |_| \_\ /_/
W=\/\/ |/\|
X**=>< }{ X
Y='/ %
Z**=2 z

Common mispellings:
the = teh
that = taht
take = taek
own = pwn
you = joo
dude = jood

common phonetic replacements(always used in true 1337):
f = ph
ck == xx

*there is no 'F' in true 1337, it is replaced by the 'ph' phonetic in true 1337

**acceptable when not replaced by a symbol
_|00 |2 4/\/ |_||\|1337 (_)83|2 |-|4><><0|2

Translation: You are an unleet uber hacker
by Amnesiasoft October 26, 2004
A word used to confuse my girlfriend

But most commonly used in the gaming community to mean the word Eleet
A)Person A) "You're 1337"
Person B) "huh? u did that to me the other day and i didn't get it then either"

B) I am 1337
by CiniMini March 20, 2008
A form of language used in online gaming by retarded people who really don't know how to spell.
by nubbleZ May 15, 2009
One thousand, three hundred and thirty seven.
by 3444444444 June 14, 2010
One Thousand, Three hundred thirty three.
A non-prime number between 1336 and 1338
So far I have typed 1337 characters in my essay of the minimum required 2,000.
by Derkek October 26, 2009
the term 1337, also "leet", is used to describe somthing of excellent quality "this pwnage is uber 1337(leet).
This is a language typically used in internet gaming and some people stereotypically this its only used by a select few called "Nerds".
But, leetspeek, also leetspeak is used pretty much by all internet gamers and is not in any way a "Nerd Term"
as some call it.
"He is so 1337"
"Man that pwnage was so ubern 1337ness."
by Eric Steven Leftwich May 08, 2007
1337 means leet or elite in leet speak. leet speak is a language created by substituting letters with symbols or numbers. this language is reserved for the uppermost tier of gamers.
the previous paragraph in leet:

1337 /\/\34n5 1337 r 31i73 1n 1337 5p34k. 1337 5p34k i5 4 14n9_493 cr3473d 8y 5_857i7_7in9 13773r5 wi7h 5y/\/\815 r n_/\/\83r5. 7hi5 14n9_4g3 i5 r353rv3d fr t3h _p3r/\/\57 7i3r f 94/\/\3r5.


\/\/7!!1!one11! j00 h4ve 833n 0\/\/n3d!!!! I @m t3h U83r H4><r!!11!!!111!one!!2!@!11!!
by Lukas "n3kr0nk1d December 24, 2006
A language/dialect used by to a certain extent by nearly all gamers and computer hackers. The grammar of 1337 varies, and not only are letters replaced by symbols, but there are other rules too, such as certain misspellings.
I 7oT41ly pwn3]) j00, n00b!!!11 i @|\/| 1337!
by The Real Shadow April 26, 2006
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