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When the time is 13:37pm.
Noob: "Whats the time...?"
Me: "Its 1337 o'clock
Noob: "Wtf is 1337 o'clock?"
Noob: "..."
Me: "..."
Me: "When the time is 13:37"
by Jomoz63 August 28, 2007
1337 o' clock (Leet o' clock) is the term gamers use to describe 13:37h (1:37 PM).
It is also known as:
• L33t 0' c105k
• 1337h / L33th / Leeth
• 1337 0' c0ck(xx)
• L337 0' c10ckz
Three friends are playing Counter-Strike.

|MR| St0n3d~K1ng: y0 N1GguH wi R p14iyn tis sh1t f00 h0urz! wut t1em iz it?
|MR| Konane's GF: iz l33t 0' c0ck--clock.
{p47-is-gay-clan} Dark=): what do you mean? thirteen thirty seven?

|MR| Konane's GF: LOLL U F41L 4 T3H LULZ!11!!!1ONE!1
{p47-is-gay-clan} Dark=): what's wrong? =(
|MR| St0n3d~K1ng: fucka evah heard of l33t-spe4kz? 1337 o' clock = 13:37h ..-_-~
{p47-is-gay-clan} Dark=): could you say that in PM/AM?
|MR| Konane's GF: D4MN AM3R1C4NN!
by R0DR1G0 November 22, 2010
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