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Term used to describe an unattractive member of the opposite sex (generally an overweight female)referring to how many beers it would take to sleep with that person.
"Dude, that chicks a 12-pk"
by peabottler April 07, 2006
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1) A once upon a time clan that specialized in online gaming, on Controlled by the emperor 12-PK WILDMAN, and his butt buddy sidekicks, 12-PK YELLOWJACKET, and 12-PK RELICDOG among other thought they ruled the online gaming site playing Quake 2.

2) 12-PK WILDMAN got that ass beat badly on a few occasions from KB-BLASPHEMOUS that which being his arch enemy played him on numerous occasions incognito, AKA CGV_MECH II.
12-pk Death got cable now, pfft big deal I'll still beat that ass.
by BLASPHEMUS May 30, 2012
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