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A term added to pad short posts on message boards that enforce a ten-character content minimum.
l33t_h4x: lol you got pwnt

n00b-69: fuxx 10char
by mattyd September 12, 2005
Term used to meet the minimum 10 character posting requirement on most online forums.

Note: Some forums have rules against its use, and will take administrative action on your account.
poster: "lol.

10 chars"

admin: "banned.

10 chars"
by pingachu July 13, 2008
10chars an abbreviation for "10 characters." It is used as a method of bypassing 10 character limits in forums when your post would have otherwise been too short.

It's now mostly a joke, however. Posters will be most likely seen just using the number and adding a humorously relevant/silly/sexual substitute for "chars", especially when their post is already above 10 characters.



Haha... Rick Roll'd muthafucka

by MicrowaveDinner July 17, 2008
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