The opposite of a 10-4, C-B radio talk..
Geeves: "I say, George, Would you care for another Toxic-Jager-Bomb"
George: Barf, Barf, "Thats a 10-10"
by ShearBags September 04, 2007
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Top Definition
Same as 1010 in 1337 language
-Remember dat jumpin car?
-Yep 1010
by _Maks_ April 17, 2008
Postcode for the Central Auckland Area (CBD)
Postcode for the CBD is 1010
by eggzs November 24, 2008
10 10 rymes wif c u agen
dave" im just gunna go home now "
paul" oryt bud, il c u later "
sam" right 10 10 "
by baby davey February 21, 2008

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