The number 101 you see on the back wall as Morpheus, Neo and Trinity exit the lift to pay the Merovingian a visit in The Matrix
101 part of our world of numbers
by Medusa17 May 13, 2015
"Ten-One", used most often when an officer is being received poorly on the radio.
Person1: He's running around the rear of the building.

Person2: 10 1, say again.
by Solja May 07, 2006
used to point out an attractive underaged girl who you'd like to bang, comes from the show Zoey 101 which regurally features many fine-ass underage girls.
Dude check out that group of 101s across the street, man i'd do some time for that
by Scottledeuce October 18, 2007
two guys one girl
hey, do u wanna go do some 101 with that chick over there??
by cuddles69 June 28, 2011
Binary representation for 5
101 = 5 in binary

w00t! i can count to 1023 on my hands w/ binary
by st33ve0 September 14, 2005
is derogatory slang for someone especially stupid, or basic in thinking, '101' being in reference of entry-level or special ed classes taught at high schools.
"Fucking 101 is a retard."
by EvilOneOfDarkness October 25, 2008
1337 term of saying LOL.
I can pown you really easily you noob, lol
1 k4n P0Wn j00 R34LLy 34s1ly J00 n008, 101
by MC707 May 20, 2009

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