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1.Disappearing a dead hooker from Ben Affleck's trailer. Commonly mistaken as a 10-07.


2. To dispose of the body of a dead hooker.
Example 1: Miramax Security Guard Gordon: Echo Base, I've got a 10-07: two unauthorized on the lot, requesting backup.

Echo Base: I thought that was a 10-82.

Miramax Security Guard Gordon: No sir, a 10-82 is disappearing a dead hooker from Ben Affleck's trailer.

Echo Base: Oh, that Affleck!

Example 2: Man on phone to friend: Dude, I need your help with a 10-82!!

Friend: Dammit dude, again?!
by Darth Wing Duck October 08, 2010
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When you have to take a shit and you aint want no one else to know ya biz.Code word for shit.Especially good for work situations
I have to 1082...( then you come back 30 min later)and everyone like yo where you been.
by top momma April 26, 2006
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