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A algebraic equation useful for determining the youngest age-cutoff a female may be before the guy dates her. Let X equal the male's age ( Or female, if she's older.), while Y will represent the youngest age of a female a guy may date.

Next, identify the male's age and replace "X" with it. Suppose Jim was 15. We write it like this:


Now, the Order of Operations principal applies here! Divide one by the two to get one half, and then find half of fifteen. Don't forget to keep the seven; It would be disgusting if Jim dated a 7.5 year old!


Add the number, matching up the place value carefully, and there you have it; Jim may date a 14.5 year old girl if he went for younger women.
If you are shit at math and/ or the 1/2X+7 Rule, here's a table for you, you lazy fucktards.

Male: Female:

15 14.5
16 15
17 15.5
18 16
19 16.5
20 17

Etc... So on, and so on. The coefficient is 1/2, while the constant is 7.
by JabbaTiure May 23, 2010
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