To own something, or someone.
To slay someone in a manner making themselves look like a n00b.
To be 0wn3d would be being slaughtered by t3h 0wn4g3. (Or in heavy l33t,
0\/\/|\|493 )
by Kensuke July 07, 2003
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Top Definition
Synonym of "0wn" and "0wn3d". To 0wn, or to have 0wn3d. To be in the process of 0wning. To descibe oneself as one who 0wnz regularly.
We are t3h 0wn4g3!
by Avatar May 26, 2003
A term used by CS nerds and lamers. A part of the l337sp34k language. If someones 0wnz something - they are really good at it. If someone 0wnz someone, then they are better than that person at something.
1. 1 15 73h l337 0wn4g3 47 c5!
2. 1 0wnZ bl4bl4 4t c5!
by m0pX July 23, 2004

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