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one who lives within the boundaries of the 93308 zip code which is also referred to as oildale. the kids attend north high, which is synonymous with white trash. those outside of the 08 zip code use this term as an insult. some 08ers take it offensively, while most take pride in it for who knows what reason.
rich kid from liberty high: ew, take a bath, you fucking 08er.
08er: i'm an 08er in 08!!!!!!!!!!11 (graduating in 93308 in 2008)
by knifeaudition May 31, 2006
50 13
Pertaining to people living in the -08 (93308)zip code, also known as "Oil-dale." Typically drunken redneck white trash who like to shoot at anything that moves.
08ers have no need for dentistry, or shirts with sleeves.
by Bakofornia December 08, 2007
12 7