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man of many talents,, all non-typical ,,totally Bond like,, could launch the space shuttle with a martini in one hand and a mega babe in the other,while ordering oysters Rockefeller,caviar,and asti spumanti to be waiting for them when they land on the moon for a dinner appetizer...
hitcher: Dude I was thumbing the I-5 from Portland to Seattle, when this Bondmoblie pulls up,and this "007 Licensed to thrill hipcat with major Tats, and the stereo roaring out tasty licks from S.R.V. I say, how far you going ?? Driver: usually I go all the way,,, but, in your case,, hows Tumwater sound ?? Hitcher: cool,, and we make the next 103 miles in like less than 55 mins. pulls-over drops me,, and sez ,,next time we'll try it blindfolded,,Hitcher: too cool to be true ....
by Wilma Fingerdew September 30, 2009

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