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.50 caliber Browning Machine Gun. Used in M2s from the 20s til now. Very powerful, very accurate, and most certainly lehtal.
(in my best Middle Eastern accent): Holy shit! That volley of .50BMG rounds just tore up Dirk-Dirka Allah Jihad!
by dsggffd May 24, 2006
The mother of all gun calibres. Goes through the car, the wall, another car, some people, trees etc. until it finally stops. All .50 BMG rifles have impressive recoil compensation. Energy: Depends, somewhat between 15.000 and 25.000 Joule.
It hit me like a .50 BMG!
by Thibaw July 05, 2006
Contrary to popular belief, Chuck Norris is afraid of one single object amoung the rest. That would be the .50 bmg. It is the only round in the US armament that has killed, nazis, japs, koreans, vietnamese, and towel heads of all oragins. Typically fired from the browning M2 (ma deuce), god bless, this round is one of the few that can actually tear men in half (women, children, pets, and shrubery too if needed).
Hiltler was mad at the jews in germany for not inventing the .50 bmg
by esRusty93 May 18, 2010
The caliber for the Barret M82A1 sniper rifle.
Easily it is the biggest, fattest, most powerful calibur for a rifle. Has enough power to serve as an AT (anti-tank) round.
"If you were to shoot a rifle, like the M82A1, chambered for .50BMG, you'd probably lose your arm after pulling the trigger. The round is just a FUCKING POWERHOUSE!!! @.@"
by Dave February 01, 2004
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