It is a whatever upside down face. Or an sad upside down face.
1)Person 1 said to person 2 over aim, how are you doing? person 2 said back .-. pretty bad.
2) PERSON 1 say a dumb comment to person 2 and person 2 say
#upside #face #whatever #sad #aim
by Maria Zaragoza May 13, 2007
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An emoticon used when feeling gloomy, or just 'whatever'. Can also be used as a sigh or as if someone is pouting.
PERSON 1: omg, what happened?
PERSON 2: nothing .-.

PERSON: .-. no one's talking.

PERSON 1: So, I told her we'll be just friends.
PERSON 2: Oh .-.
#emoticon #whatever #pouting #gloomy #sigh
by lucha,mark.xoxo November 27, 2009
A emoction representing male organ PENIS
person1: you are a dirty nigga
person2: .!. suck this
#cock #penis #emoction #oral #sex
by zevonja August 14, 2008
used to denote a clause within an actual sentence (or sometimes inbetween what some would consider as othrewise *two* seperate sentences, though are one due to its '..'-connection) for a briefer amount of time than a full ellipsis(, ...) denotes(example1). Also used sometimes before a question-mark{?} when what the someone is saying seems to be trailing-off so-to-speak, though can be substitued by ...(example2).
I like you alot..almost as much as I enjoy food, sex, money, and life itself.

Joey, yoo-hoo!! ... Ohh, Joeeeeey, where did you go..??
by Victor Van Styn July 25, 2005
Just like a regular ellipses, but you don't want the person receiving the text to know you think that way. They might just think its a typo.
What Sarah wants to type: Of course I have ears... *rolls eyes*

What polite Sarah types: Of course I have ears..
#... #punctuation #grammar #.......... #8-|
by anila73 June 14, 2012
(plural Chevi; from the French word Chevalier, meaning Knight or "mounted soldier")

1 Two dots that signifies a well-thought out or important statement with the intent of being seen by a large number of people, usually on the internet..

2 In text messaging, the two dots denote a statement that expects a response..

Example 1:
"Not a lot of brains, but that Artichoke had heart.."

Example 2:
"I couldn't stop laughing at that terrible joke, haha.."
"Thanks :) It just came to me."
#chev #punctuation #new #2011 #boss
by jonnubroth October 30, 2011
The SMS symbol for giving the finger
The world needs a SMS symbol for giving the finger to someone and it should look like this. .!.
#dirty bird #the finger #..|.. #f*ck you #text finger
by The Lady Rowan March 31, 2015
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