Top Definition
A really known type of 'smilie' used to symbolise a cock.
Can mean 'F*ck You'.
- I hate you .|.
- .|. you (fuck you)
- Who's the boss now? .|.
by Senisi November 07, 2007
behold my mighty dick!!!, mainly used in texting
person1: hey katie .|.
person2: wow its so small
person1: fuck u
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) July 03, 2009
Netslang for big, squashed together boobs. Used mainly by those who understand the basics and beauty of ASCII-art, or nerds, and text-message perverts.
L33tm@5t3r: thinkin' of (.|.)
n00bh@xxor: m3z 2.
by n00bh@xxor February 09, 2010
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