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This suffix is taken from the -itimate of legitimate, and is added onto the ends of various words as the user sees fit, to create extra filler in conversation, and/or adopt the general language style that is accompanied by lots of -dimate's. Some believe it sounds dumb, but only once you start using it often will you see the true benefits of dimate.

If the suffix is used on a word that ends in "t", the "d" in -dimate is dropped. (ex. "whatimate")
-"Yehdimate dude, so I totally owned up in Halo the other day... I played a ranked FFA against a 50 and beat him 25-3"
-"WHATIMATE. Holy ownage!!"
-"Yeah dude I immediately sieve his ass-dimate!"
by .::Sunshine::. August 08, 2009
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