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Smiley with a party hat. Plain. Simple. And you just thought that I am a genius for making this up.

I am a girl, I thought this up. And if you are a guy reading this, I will not make you a sammich.
txter #1 " 8-) I'm so cool"
txter #2 " Eff that, check me out. *<:) "
by .:KateMarie:. July 12, 2010
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an adorable good night smiley with a slightly lopsided beanie
*waves* goodnight sleep tight.... smile.... you're on candid camera *<:)
by sleepyskunk119 June 15, 2010
The symbols of Santa Claus in a text message.
"Merry Christmas *<:-)"
by Hammersmolf May 25, 2009
A smiley that is used to show a party, or excitement for one. Note the party hat (*<) and the smiley face :)
Person One: Hey, are you going to Jon's party tonight?

Person Two: Hell Yeah. I love parties *<:)
by FreakedOutGeek June 05, 2010

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