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2 definitions by FreakedOutGeek

A person who believes that their Hogwarts Letter of Acceptance got lost (or that the owl did on the way), that ninjas are better than pirates and playing with NERF guns is time well spent.

Also, a typical MLIA-er hates all things Twilight, and enjoys dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. They also choose life goals through mysteryseeker.com.

MLIA-ers can be found en masse at MyLifeIsAverage.com
Person 1: Dude, did that teacher just make an obscure Harry Potter reference, then shoot us with a NERF gun?!

Person 2: Yeah, he's a MLIA-er for sure.
by FreakedOutGeek April 25, 2011
A smiley that is used to show a party, or excitement for one. Note the party hat (*<) and the smiley face :)
Person One: Hey, are you going to Jon's party tonight?

Person Two: Hell Yeah. I love parties *<:)
by FreakedOutGeek June 05, 2010