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The MSN Messenger code that displays a "thumbs up" emoticon.
Success. (Y)
by Mr_eX September 10, 2003
2587 481
To the guy that said it was a symbol for boobs, it's not, ( . Y . ) Is the symbol for boobs. You idiot.
(Y) = Thumbs up
( . Y . ) = boobs.

by Funnygirl6045 March 21, 2010
1764 564
Internet slang for raising your thumb.
cool (y)
by Zak March 28, 2003
1542 620
For those of you who think this looks like boobs, you've obviously never seen boobs. This is the IM emote for "thumbs up."
Guy 1: I got the internship!

Guy 2: (Y) That's awesome!
by canwizard April 11, 2012
173 127
In England it is used in text messages and that for "peace".
"Bro can I come get some draw now? (y)"

"yeh sure gg, got some piff amnesia dere (y)"
by Mafaw April 18, 2013
49 59
Made to resemble a pair of breasts using the parenthses keys and a capital Y

commonly seen on instant messaging and on picture comments on social networking sites
profile pic comment -

"dang girl u got some ( Y ) !!!!!"

"ya they call me the ( Y ) monster!!"
by Lolfactorzz9 September 12, 2009
28 118
In the New York City college community, the symbol (y) is used in internet conversations as a symbol for a thong. As New York City sets trends for the rest of the world, this definition is soon to be used all across America and planet earth.

So it's not thumbs up nor boobs anymore. Get used to it.
Boy 1: I stalked you on facebook. Nice (y).
Girl 1: OMG, what does (y) means?
Girl 2: It means thong.
142 448