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(fluff)Friends is an amazingly addictive Facebook application created by Mike Sego in which you choose a (fluff)Friend to adopt and take care of. There are 65 adoptable (fluff)Friends and 7 other (fluff)Friends covering all kinds of animals. You can buy food, decorations, habitats, etc. with your "munny" that you earn by petting, taking surveys, and racing. Your (fluff)Friend has to be fed to keep them in a good mood. You can also buy gold (10 Gold for $1.00) to buy even more decorations. You can also participate in contests put on by the website. You can also participate in the (fluff)forum to take your fluff experience to the next level.
(fluff)Friends Owner: My (fluff)friend is called a Froggu and his name is Splat.
by Kaos_Theory June 18, 2008
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A great Facebook app with cute animals that happens to have an ironic title: a fluff friend is probably a friend in Facebook-name only.
"I have (fluff)Friends on Facebook!" "You mean your sister's ex's friend's cousin you added last week?" "No, it's a kitten."
by Facebook user May 13, 2009

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