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1. A shortening of caffeine because, as we all know, when you're hopped up on the 'feine, you don't have time for syllables.

Pronounced, "Feen"

2. Can also be used as a verb to describe the act of drinking caffeinated beverages.

3. Also as an adjective (as 'feined) to mean excited, hyper, stoked, happy, or totally hopped up on 'feine.
1A. Man, I'm friggin' tired, I need some 'feine.

2A. I totally need to 'feine before we get this game going.
2B. 'Feine me up, Scotty! Toss me a Bawls!

3A. I'm so 'feined that you're coming to town on saturday.
3B. Man, I'm too 'feined up to sleep, grab a controller, IT'S ON!
by Verek January 17, 2005
Pronounced Feen
Shortened version of Caffeine
Slang term for something addictive
Being online is like Feine in the blood.
by Social Feine May 28, 2012
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