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A word coined by PSY which describes a prestigious lifestyle pursued by some high-class Seoul-ers live in Gangnam district, many Korean party animal riches, and nowadays by North American Gangnam-wannabe brats after the video became a hit. Native Korean speakers and those who deeply understand this certain Korean subculture always write it in Korean (강남스타일).
PSY's got 강남스타일.

Kelly: Hey
Dane: Kelly I heard you still listen to JB stuff
Kelly: Why not?
Dane: Cuz that stuff is old. Check this out.
Kelly: OGOD. Hahahaha
Dane: I drink coffee in one shot and I do horseback ride.
Kelly: Oh ok, and?
Dane: I can dance with you to this, I got 강남스타일
Kelly: You sooo hawt, sleep with me.
by eilandsair September 17, 2012

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