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The universal symbol and substitute for up
You can use ↑ for almost anything.
#These are the famous phrases that contain up. It is known to contain more than 90 separate definitions. BEWARE OF THE INFAMOUS ONE!!!!!

"What's ↑, friend"
"I'll be ↑ with you"
"It is all ↑ to you to choose which game you want to play"
"I am thinking ↑ top with you"
"I am ↑ against an opponent"
"I think he is ↑ for something mysterious..."
"This camcorder can record videos ↑ to 30 minutes"
"He is already beaten ↑"
"This couple recently broke ↑"
"What do you want to do?" "It is ↑ to you"
"What do you want to do?" "↑ yours. Get the fuck off of me and → shove → it → your ass!"
by !!!!!'-SAMARIA-MACK-'!!!!! August 26, 2013
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