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a man with his arms in the air, being rather happy.
imperium: omg, hawkeye just totally pwned me
hawkeye: \0/ owned ;)
by ¬_¬ April 07, 2005
Praise the Lord. The arms in the air, over the head.
Wut's up with all da \0/ 's ? Am I in Christian Chat?
by I. Wagner December 01, 2006
Ancient hieroglyphic meaning I hump goats. Also used to signify that you are a huge faggy nerd prone to world of warcraft, Star Trek, and not being able to pick a vagina out of a lineup.
Person 1: \0/ \0/ \0/!
Person 2: Really? I hump goats as well. Say, you ever hear about one of them there vaginas? Me either.
by Thunder1978 November 12, 2008
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