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killing a bug with extreme rage
dude,he smoshed that bug and sent guts flying everywhere
by firehead52 January 05, 2009
0 1
getting pants-shitting drunk; absolutely shitfaced.
"Girl..over this long weekend were going to get absolutely smoshed!"
by Katherine Foley March 16, 2008
9 2
A state of a person or in which a person is sloshed and smashed. State of being blind drunk with no or less consciousness.
Tim was total smoshed at the party last night, he didnt even know what he was eating.
by KTKenny December 13, 2010
1 3
The Act of getting drunk and replacing your vowels with "O" sounds.

Started By Katie in late 1857, in the sleepy town of Freo.
Person 1- "Omg! Caitmon got soooo smoshed on saturday noight!"
Person 2- "I know, she loike yokked everywhere, hell mong."
Person 1- "Grouse toime though"
Person 2- "Yah Mon, so glad you're my bast frund!"
Person 1- "Mon, we're bust frunz for uvah"
by ratch. April 06, 2009
1 3