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they act of being plump
Josh was throwing down the pookins
by Nicholas Young October 14, 2008
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leftover napkins that you store in your glovebox so you can shit on the side of the road and not in your pants.
yo that BK wants out...we got any pookins so i dont shit all over the truck?
by Mr Adam Ambrosoli March 30, 2011
Pookin is when someone is watching someone or something being extremely observant, usually trying to catch them in the act of wrong doing and snitch.
Mane I was finna steal Michael Browns wallet after they merked his ass but errbody was straight pookin. (Or) Them damn spooks keep pookin on my whip they're gonna get curb stomped if they don't kick rocks.
by all i want is a big booty hoe January 13, 2015

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