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D \/ D is l33t sp34k3 for PIMP. A pimp is a guy that gets alot of pussy, or a lesbian that gets alot of pussy. A PIMP also whores out chicks to guys that need licks on their dicks.
That sly motha fucka is such a fuckin D \/ D he is all up in the poontang.
by Josh Bessler June 21, 2005
another way to spell pimp
I found a new way to spell pimp its D \/ D
by []D [] []\/[] []D November 07, 2004
How to self-describe yourself on the internet to look very, very cool.

To say you're "pimp" just isn't
"D\/D" enough

D\/D has signed on.
by JimE Ray March 14, 2005
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