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1.) Used in text messaging, it simply means to be horny.

2.) It is used as a type of facial expression in a text message, like a smiley face is used to show happy and a frown face is used to show sad, @~@ expresses the horny affection.
Chase: Hey guy what're you doing.
Jables: Watching some porn.
Chase: Wow, that kinda makes me a little @~@.
Jables: I've been @~@ all day, need to go to my gf's.
by Chase, Drew, Cheesestick February 26, 2011
Watching You.
I'm confused.
I'm high.
It has never meant I'm horny.
It is a texting term.
Mostly used in texting, to mean:
Watch it, because I'm watching you!

Dude: "I'm getting some tonight"

Dude's out of town girlfriend: " @~@ "

Dude: "I'll wait until you get back."

big brother
over watching
creeper skype
Girlfriend/Boyfriend Paranoia
Big Brother
by Nature_Lover March 05, 2011
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