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The only suffix to your name that you can have that succeeds PhD.
My name is John Smith, MBA, P. Eng,
by BossMC March 06, 2005
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@gmail: 1: adjective; A mark of internet "cool", signifying you have contacts on the inside. Often used to point out ones superiority to someone who uses hotmail or a local adress.
2: noun; used as an example of what happens when beta testing gets into the wrong hands, as per what happened to gmail when people started selling gmail invites enmasse on ebay. Often reffered to as "got gmailed."
1: "Oh yeah? You you FireFox? Whoop-de-frieken-doo buddy. Ive got Gmail! beats Firfox any day!"

2:Dick: "Hey Jane, do you play Runescape anymore?"
Jane: "I used to, until it got Gmailed."

(Author would like to point out that Firefox has been gmailed, And likewise, gmail has been Foxed)
by Timmypb October 01, 2005
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Overrated mail storage program, used only by the weak in the mind and the lazy.
Eric: I r noob, I r liek!111! Pmg!!11
by Mr. Malevolently Evil October 06, 2005
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if you want to postively emphasise something then ending the word/phrase with
a band, yesterday are the bomb

by Jon Heslop March 04, 2005
84 338
What google came up with after:
Yea nizzle, catch me up in da hizzle
by PaPP March 08, 2005
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