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Evil grin smiley. Typically used when planning evil deeds.
I'm going to ambush trick-or-treaters with my paintball gun and take their candy. >:)
by The 'mag December 08, 2003
an emoticon to display bitterness. a font form of "hmph". anger, pissy, pouty
so, youre not going to pick me up later so you can hang out with someone else?!!? >:(
by Anonymous April 08, 2003
Smiley indicating either an evil grin or a sad jew.
If you look at >:) by tilting your head to the left, its an evil grin, but if you look at it by tilting your head to the right, its a sad jew!
by p00flake July 20, 2006
An expression of anger
variations include (and are not limeted to..)
>;( (misspelling
by Taylor G. James August 22, 2005
A emote expressing anger, like >:/ or >:| but with the mouth removed for a more meaner effect
Whatever! >:
Your starting to annoy me! >:
by NeoSizer January 19, 2004
an emoticon used to show you're extremely pissed off and mad.
I'm so mad, Suzie stole my boyfriend. >:
by CACKtus October 12, 2006
>:] The smiley face with an evil brow used over Aim, Myspace, Facebook, Stickam, etc. to imply that you are lying and have a secret or that you are just a straight up asshole looking for a good laugh.
Nooo! i swear i didn't snurk his glurk!! >:]
by breezybrii August 26, 2008
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