Very very serious about something.
{imagine, if you will, a chat room}

1: She's really that easy?

2: She's that easy. >:|
by WHOOOAAAa February 23, 2010
Top Definition
Extreme displeasure, annoyance, or aggrevation.
I just spilled boiling hot soup on my crotch! >:|
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
The face of anger - the more '>'s, the more anger.
Ow. Stubbed my toe >:|

Oh fuck. The neighbor's drunkenly parked on my dog >:| AGAIN >>>:|
by Burritos September 07, 2006
a mad person with there teeth clenched together.
me:dude your such an idiot

person: screw you >:|
by madmanfan June 24, 2011
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