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A derivative version of the :P smiley, this one instead means the same as :P but in a lighthearted manner to alleviate some of the insulting vibe that is normally felt with the use of :P. It is used in the same context as the standard :P but to basically add an underlying context of "no offense (just being silly)" due to the fact that although this emoticon is sticking it's tongue out, it's also smiling friendly at the same time.

Secondary definition and use: Sometimes as a replacement for a :) smiley, but to suggest some sexual innuendo (from the smiling happy face to the inclusion of a tongue, bringing to mind cunnilingus)
Per first definition:

friend A: I did prty well in engish lcass
friend B: I can see that :)~
friend A: Arg, perfect timing on the typos...
friend B: np, lol

Per second:

n00b A: You usually just sit here all alone?
n00b B: Not always, sometimes I have a bit of company :)~
by Natascha Kalashnikova November 10, 2008
An emoticon representing Owen Wilson, with his famous broken nose.
Look, it's an Owen Wilson smiley --> :~)
by Robb 57 September 13, 2009
Just a new, less trivial variant of ;) or :). However it doesn't work if ~ is not in the middle for the font you're using.
look it's a cool smiley :~)
by Elias Catcher December 09, 2006
A Chinese man with a beard
Logan- Man! that chinese was nice!
Shane- ikr! :)~
by TalliaJay July 11, 2011
a more powerful version of :'(
F: i broke up with Luke :~
M: no way D:
F: yes. he was a pig :~
by Ezeldav December 31, 2008