A dog smiley face. The @ symbol is supposed to look like a nose. The original smiley face looks like this: :)
1."I'm so happy :@)" said the Dog.
by MatthewsTech January 03, 2011
Top Definition
somehow means a mad face!
Yes my face so looks like an at @ sign when i'm mad!
joe- :@
kimberly- why you mad?
joe- cause ur a hoe!
kim- :@ i am not 2893727782938 guys is not hoe material
by coca October 30, 2003
"Suck a dick;" "suck my dick;" or "dick in your mouth."
I heard that chick gives good :-@.


Yo, :-@. (subliminally meaning suck my dick)
by Yo_Momma_79 July 23, 2008
It's when someone get's childish and you need to stick a binky in their mouth, do you see the @? It's a binky.
*whine-whimper-whine* :@

:@ *cries*
by Mello92 July 13, 2009
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