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an emote used primarily in Yahoo messenger; like a smile, but better
Draccs: check out taht pix0r
Faun: :>
by heh March 25, 2003
An emoticon sometimes used to denote a mischievous (or sometimes, devious) smile.
Person 1: Dude, did you borrow my bowl without asking me?
Person 2: Not exactly... :>
by virus gift February 16, 2010
Another way to write a smilie face. But this one has a goatee.
Me: Hi! :D
My G.F: Hey! :)>
by The Taco Fairy July 02, 2009
The pointy face. If done correctly, you will have a "whisker" on each side of your nose between your nose and your upper lip.
:>), did you just see that pointy face drive by? i totally owned that guy
by Mcschnoajdawa December 17, 2008
A bald-headed smiley face with a nose and no ears.
:>) Someone just cut this geezer's nose off :(
by svgdadghwaerg June 20, 2007
The smily face that represents a troll or shows that you are trolling. ';>' represents the troll face with a monocle. Added '>' is meant to show you are being an even bigger troll because it adds more emphasis on the awkwardness of the smile. The emoticon resembles the trollface due to its sharp smile and general awkward shape. It was formed on the internet and online games to express trolling.
Dustin: Sam, you are so good at trolling! :>
Sam: I know, I can never compare to your superb trolling ability! :>>
by Kadoodle D. March 01, 2011
A simple symbol used by homosexuals looking to express their wish to lick a cock. Beware of larger icons of the same style for the longer the icon the more homosexual the author is.
example: (Eminiem :->) (Micheal Moore :-->) (Elton John :--------------->)
Russel Cheney: Oh my god thats so cool! :--->
Andrew Oliver: Yeah it totally is! :------------------------>
by Big Bacon June 16, 2005
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