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A colon mark
(1) A colon is used when telling time.
(2) Use a colon when there are two sentences and the second sentence explains the first. (Replaces the word "because")
(3) Colons can be used to list objects.
(4) Use colons when introducing a quote or formal statement.
(1) 4:20 A.M.
(2) Sally was tripping on shrooms the day before the final exam: She is not very smart.
(3) You need to get these items from the store: Beer, beer, and more beer.
(4) Like Suzy always said: "Don't touch anything."
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An offensive end of text sign-off that indicates the writer no longer wants to speak to the reader.
I can't believe he just texted me this. It said "That's fantastic. :" So offensive!
by Molly Lensin November 18, 2010
What will pop up in MSN when your friends are too lazy to finish what they have done. Sometimes it can even be a sign for a masturbater.
1. Someone: "I was doing alright on the test!"
Bad writer: ":"

2. "Oh, damn this feels good :"
by Majm April 27, 2007
a smiley with no mouth. ppl who use it tend to be fairly awes
did u see shane after his face was severed just beneath the nose? :
by simonw May 22, 2005

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