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Another lame kirby imitation through text.
Kirby is dancing, with his usual confused look.
djblizihizake:Uh oh...i thinx its timez 4 sum KIRBY DANCE!!!!
( >'.')> <('.'< ) ( >'.')> <('.'< )
by Blake July 20, 2003
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(>'.')> Kirby!
by Mike! June 10, 2003
its a huggy face and its not online yet so i want it to be:)
(i sent it to desa when she was sad to make her feel all better)
(>'.')> hugs
by sillyboy:) December 31, 2010
this kerbeh is better then ze other, end of story.
(>'.')> is >≠ <(o'.'o)>
by grogandean October 31, 2009

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