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#ZMCW is a hashtag used on the social media site Twitter. #ZMCW stands for

Zito's Mobile Car Wash, a mobile car wash located in New

Orleans. Owned and operated by Dustin Zito, cast member of The Real World: Las

Vegas (RW25), The Challenge: Battle of the Exes and The Challenge: Battle of the

Seasons. All shown on MTV.
"Oh, man, I'm entirely too busy to bring my dirty Jeep to the car

wash. I wish someone would bring the car wash to me!" .. "Hey, have you

heard of Zito's Mobile Car Wash? Yes, Mr. Zito comes to your home or office

with a beautiful trailer containing everything necessary to wash your car, right

there! Look for him on Twitter! Just search the hashtag #ZMCW!"
by meatjockey March 01, 2013