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A word created by Dustin Zito, cast member of Real World Las Vegas on MTV. Season 25.
Never, ever in the history of everdom has anyone ever disrespected me to that extent. Ever.

Everdom is his word. A Zito-ism.
by Meatjockey May 16, 2011
A NYC butcher. A bartender of meat, not booze. A large, muscled, long haired, tattooed, biker type. Conversations with meatjockey are filled with double entendre and innuendo. Like a bartender, he makes you feel good about yourself.
Girlfriend 1: I think I'm going to go to meatjockey and get some steaks for tonight.
Girlfriend 2: Just go to the supermarket, no?
Girlfriend 1: No way! I go to meatjockey. The steaks are amazing and he makes me feel all hot and bothered and good about myself. It's worth the money!
by Meatjockey June 27, 2011
A thumbfart is when you misspell a word in a tweet or text message and send it out without realizing it. Similar to a brainfart when you speak. It's a word created by Dustin Zito of Real World Las Vegas on MTV. Season 25.
"I worked out like a beast today. Tonight I'm gonna need a message!" This is a thumbfart. The word should have been "massage" but "message" was used and sent by mistake.
by meatjockey October 11, 2011
#ZMCW is a hashtag used on the social media site Twitter. #ZMCW stands for

Zito's Mobile Car Wash, a mobile car wash located in New

Orleans. Owned and operated by Dustin Zito, cast member of The Real World: Las

Vegas (RW25), The Challenge: Battle of the Exes and The Challenge: Battle of the

Seasons. All shown on MTV.
"Oh, man, I'm entirely too busy to bring my dirty Jeep to the car

wash. I wish someone would bring the car wash to me!" .. "Hey, have you

heard of Zito's Mobile Car Wash? Yes, Mr. Zito comes to your home or office

with a beautiful trailer containing everything necessary to wash your car, right

there! Look for him on Twitter! Just search the hashtag #ZMCW!"
by meatjockey March 01, 2013
Someone whose life is consumed by money that is owed or due. Letting that debt

influence their daily life and future plans. Word created by Heather Marter,

cast member of Real World Las Vegas on MTV. Season 25.
"As long as I let this debt, over my head, control my life like the strings on a puppet. I am a debtpuppet!"
by meatjockey April 22, 2013

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