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A #selfie, a picture that is self taken over and over and can never be pleased with the slight areas of issues to have with features...like blemishes, wonky eye, big nose, stiff upper lip, double chin....bless whoever has all of those and not just the one!!!
Jilly: (snap) mmmm, now which one should I use? (asks her teddy bear)

Teddy: (just stares)

Jill: well you're no help, you're suppose to point out how beautiful I am.

Teddy: (just stares with a slight shrugging look this time)

Jill: so which #selfie pic am I supposed to use then....mmmmm, how about all of them?

Teddy: (just stares this time with sheer panic)

If only teddy bear could shake his head frantically!!!
by Long Johns November 27, 2013