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The act of giving your partner anal, allowing yourself to go un-bathed for two days, then offering up your ripe member to the same or new partner for oral intercourse.
Guy #1 - I ass-banged this chick on Friday Night, went without a shower until after she gave me a blowjob Sunday afternoon!

Guy #2 - Dude!! You totally Louisianna Corn Dogged that dirty slut!
by LCS April 28, 2008
when your black ass can't sell enough crack to feed yo nappy ass kidsall 12of themyou put your ol'lady out there corndoggin'for sum cash.while you sit there and smoke a blunt.
louisianna corn dog is good eating.when she gets done hoing and she lets the kids have cream pie for desert.
by slaveowner April 29, 2008