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a hard on or erection of the male organ.
she so fine i was having a 1-man salute.
by slaveowner April 29, 2008
it's when you plug someone in the ass and pull out a small peice of poop or a dingleberry on the head of your cock,you have a beancap.
i'm gonna make her eat this beancap when im done.
by slaveowner April 29, 2008
when your black ass can't sell enough crack to feed yo nappy ass kidsall 12of themyou put your ol'lady out there corndoggin'for sum cash.while you sit there and smoke a blunt.
louisianna corn dog is good eating.when she gets done hoing and she lets the kids have cream pie for desert.
by slaveowner April 29, 2008
it's the fuck hole dummy.
i'm gonna stick it in her F hole
by slaveowner April 29, 2008
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