A tight joint, some weed, scooby doo's middle name
Damn boy you got a doob? Let me take some of that!

We were just smoking some doobies. SCOOBY doobies.
by THaMagoriumz November 09, 2007
1.Stoner/hippie slang for weed.

2.What Scooby Doo says
Fred: I'm all out of Scooby snacks would you like a doobie snack?

Shaggy: Oh yeah doobie snacks let's get stoned

Scooby: Scooby DOOBIE *PUFF* doooooooo!!!
by Pizzaman December 26, 2005
A dude who has taken the crown of weed smoking.
Man that guy is doobie, when everyone else was at school he was making mad missions to get pot.
by doobieking January 17, 2012
An object of great importance to an individual. Can be any prized possesion. Comes from the hebrew word for teddy bear.
Example 1. "I love my doobie! I have had it since I was eight."

Example 2. "My doobie would have to be my diamond braclet."
by DoobieLover September 04, 2009
(or doobywhich is actually the incorect spelling)
1. A blunt; rolled up weed, yo

2. According to my math teacher, a...little kid. Wow.
1. AHH! I stayed up for a week straight and now i got a job interview! I look like i had doobies for breakfast! HELP! (thank you, big brother, for this example)

2. *is taking math test* Booooring... *teacher walks up and pats me on head* You're a good dooby! Keep going!
by Avasa LUNA ~oooohyeah~ March 30, 2005
male: a long shaggy haired blonde skateboarding shoobie from the shore

female: a blonde girl who wears satchels, european tourist clothing, etc.
That girl is such a doobie.
by kdawgggggggg December 02, 2010
Mariajuana ciggarette
Hey, pass me that doobie (joint)!
by AllyStaley April 18, 2006
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