language: hindi (Also used in Marathi and Mumbhaiyya)
meaning: fool, idiot, untermensch.
etymology: from the colloquial word for the vagina, choot

chutiya use kehte hain jo choot ko badnaam kare,
choot vo dharmashala hai jahan lund aram kare.

The Marathi version of chutiya, 'chuttya', is pronounced with stress on the t, and is a lot more effective in baiting.
sachin tendulkar chutiya ki tarah khel raha hai aaj kal.
by The anti tudhail brigade April 20, 2005
A dumb or ass-hole.
You are a chutiya if this idea is yours.
by buddhu_bacha April 16, 2014
Those born in chennai...and near by places
Venkatachalam Ramakrishnan and RajniKant
by venkat December 18, 2003
Indian version of calling a person Dumbass
He doesn't even know to drive.Chutiya.!
by Ojhi June 22, 2015
a universal addressing code for referring to a annoying or irritating object
kya chutiya book hai.
abe chutiya hai kya.
by iimk August 05, 2003
Most frequently used abuse/endearment in india...means dickhead jerk asshole
example: You are the biggest chutiya I've ever seen.
by Yo-Daddy March 17, 2014
someone who reads all the time. lies about flunking but tops in the exams. thereby giving other normal people enormous stress.
YEh chutiya saala top karega
by bhoot December 12, 2010

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