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A diverse group of lawyers and legal officials, whose objective is to defend the rights of the people of the United States from corruption that has run through the system. Often hated by Racists and especially Christians, because of their views on pro-choice for abortion, gay rights, and the like that the christian church opposes. They stand by the words in which America was made so long ago, they stand by America's true purpose, which many have lost sight of. Freedom, Liberty, and Privacy.
The ACLU is one of the few remaining organizations that hold by the principals through which America was made.
by James Lipus July 01, 2006
A group dedicated to preserving everyone's liberties- they even helped defend Urban Dictionary from censorship.
Thanks for helpine UD ACLU!
by ekuleloc April 01, 2007
The American Civil Liberties Union:

A socially liberal group of NYC lawyers that will, through the U.S. Legal System, viciously defend the rights they say are protected by the U.S. Constitution, whether or not culturally moral.

Though not always, the ACLU mostly sues parties potentially responsible for situations that are currently popular in the media and that adversely affect the "victim" of the issue.
11/9/10 Reuters Headline:

ACLU sues to stop Defense of Marriage Act
by Theo Thoughts December 07, 2010
A group of people who support the freedom of culturally outrageous expressions such as burning/urinating on American Flags, swearing in school, having sex in public, etc. and yet sue the pants off of people (students included) who express their religious beliefs, or even mention the word "God", and in doing so contradict everything they claim to stand for. They also hate unborn babies, straight people, people who use common sense (a.k.a. non-liberals), law-abiding citizens, people who believe in a free market, religious people, and people who believe in absolute morality.
<graduate giving speech> I am thankful to God for helping me to get this far.
<liberal aetheist student>She said God! I'm calling the ACLU! We'll sue you, even though the constitution gives you every right to say what you just said!
by Mr. Buttons July 10, 2006
Assholes Controlling Legislation Union;
Atheists Communists Liberals Unite;
Anti-Christian Legislation Union;
A Crappy Little Union;
Anti-Civil Liberties Union; (Pick One)

Group of corrupt lawyers exploiting the sorry state of the American judicial system. Their main focus is to destroy the United States as we know it by undermining the moral principles that created the country and supporting the scum of society.

-The ACLU supports homosexuals, atheists, child molesters, communists, terrorists, anarchy, bestiality, religious expression, political correctness, stalkers, harmful sexual acts, polygomy, suicide, illegal aliens, pro-abortionists, prostitutes, and Muslims; anyone with an interest in shattering societies concept of morals and eventually destroying said society.

-The ACLU is against Republicans, Christians, Jews, school children, the rights of infants, gun control, individual rights (ACLU supposedly stands for American Civil Liberties Union, but we know better), sane people, marriage, hetrosexuals, morals, self control, democracy, the people, the Government, sanity.
If the ACLU supports something, you better challenge it.
by Truth Hurts Doesn't It June 28, 2006
American Civil Liberties Union.

An organization that wrongs rights, invents rights, and on the rare occasion even does whats right.

To an ACLU lawyer, the rights of the few trump the rights of the many almost every time.
by John Dunkelburg April 13, 2007
Once upon a time a praiseworthy organization dedicated to the protection of constitutional rights of US citizens, these days it has become a far left, crypto-communist entity that tasks itself with clubbing to death any and all persons suspected of Christianity. It's rumored that they have a statue of a naked, prepubescent boy at their NY headquarters whose balls turn purple whenever a public official thinks about God. The statue is a gift from grateful NAMBLA members.
Thanks to ACLU and my liberal douchebag professor I’ll be brushing up on Quran this semester.
by jhhn August 20, 2008