(derogatory) ~ sl.: euphemism for a person of mentally challenged status. Etymology: C20 - Derived from the stereotyped behaviour of mentally challenged people, observed to place their open mouths into prolongued contact with the external windows of public or private transport on which they are seated.
It is offensive and wrong to name a person people who is mentally challenged a 'window licker' or a 'retard'.
by zalzalahbutt November 25, 2006
Way to describe any manner of retarded behavior
What kind of fucking window licker drinks dairy creamer?
by Fleur June 07, 2004
retarded people.
ones who sit on the short bus and lick the windows.

im surrounded by window lickers.
that guy is a window licker.
did you see the bus full of window lickers

by NorwalkAfternoon February 12, 2009
LSD - A person who drops acid by licking a tab of window pane acid. Then this person gets weird and other people think it is okay to call this person a retard.
Guy One: Here dude lick this.
Guy Two: What is it?
Guy One: A lollipop.
Guy Two: It doesn't look like a lollipop.
Guy One: Well it will after you lick it.
Guy Two: (Guy Two licks the tab, and then questions Guy One.)
Guy Two: How do you figure that?
Guy One: The eyes are the windows to the soul, and you will see things differently after you lick it. Let me clue you in. That tab is window pane, but you don't have to take it if you don't want to.
Guy Two: What is window pane?
Guy One: Window pane acid.
Guy Two: wtf man this is LSD? I already licked it.
Guy One: I guess that makes you a Window Licker.
by HighlyMedicated November 02, 2014
When your cousin is so retarded everybody thinks he licks windows.
Guy1: "Dude your cousin is really retarded."

Guy2: "Ya I know, after all he IS a window licker."
by Squirt56yz June 03, 2014
Noun: Derogatory term used to describe a mentally disabled person or more typically a Dublin Bird, particularly from Swords....and whose initials are EM.
Kieran’s Buddy: Come here, will you look at the cut of that bird down the back of that bus, missing half her teeth and dribbling all over herself? What a window licker.
Kieran: Ya, She’s from Swords and her names Ellan Marry!
Kieran’s Buddy: Makes sense I suppose....WINDOW LICKERRR
Kieran: Word to your mother
by KierBooo January 04, 2014
A slang term for someone who is very slow or dim-witted.
First Guy: Dude, what's with Paul?

Second Guy: I'm pretty sure he rode the short bus and was a window-licker.

First Guy: Well that explains the helmet.
by ChubbyPuppy0093 April 14, 2011
A brand new Private who just entered basic training, and is called this due to the stunned look and apparent lack of jaw control when said Private arrives at his/her basic training company and sees his/her drill sergeants for the first time.
Private Snuffy you dumb ass window licker, quit gawking and get your ass off of my bus!
by justjeansandboots March 29, 2013
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