An Extremely retarded coincidence.
You finding the definition to Boobaloo
by Fatass March 12, 2005
Top Definition
A term coined by Russell Brand, a British comedian. Used when a female who has large attractive breasts is spotted and is shouted.
*Pamela Anderson walks down the street*
Ruseell Brand: Boobaloo!
by Annieeee May 31, 2007
Nickname for someone who is amazing, caring, charming, wonderful, incredible, adorable, atheltic, sexy, smart, courageous, kind, ambitious, creative, spontanious, deserving, honest, loyal, faithful, cheerful, and is a best friend, a boyfriend, a son, a lover. Someone who could be accidently mistaken as an angel, a saint, a gift from god. (Thats right, you! ) :)
Jamesifer is my boobaloo

by Timbaloo May 07, 2010
Can also be called boogaloo or boobaloobie. A term of endearment used on those friends or random acquaintances whom you get along with or can joke around with. May be offensive to some.
Hadar: Hey Marc! You're such a boobaloo swamp donkey!
Marc: Aww thanks boobaloo sugar booger!
by Marc Cracchiolo August 29, 2007

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